Welcome to lenetti.de

You are looking for a present?
The right one - not just any one?
Then lenetti.de is the right place for you.

Here you can find a special selection of beautiful things.
Far away from mainstream you will find real treasures in my limited but special assortment.

lenetti.de is not a shop, it is my own personal idea diary and colourful guidebook for everything regarding the topic gifts. I would like you to participate, to inspire you instead of connecting you with the seller of the product.

To enable you to make last minute buys I will let you know the name and address closest to you where you can get the product. Some of the products can be bought in the producers shop, for other you have to find the relevant shop yourself. Some producers, designers and artists do not have a website - you will get the contact details instead.

.. and when you have found the right present, there are a lot of tiny, beautiful negligibilities on lenetti.de: tipps how to wrap a gift and ideas that will make you happy.

Enjoy browsing my page.

Annette Raschke

You are an artist, designer, manufacturer or homeconstructor with or without your personal website and believe in your innovation or your product?

You believe something is missing on this website?

I am looking forward to getting in touch with you!